A Brand New Logo Coming to Life
The new Fairwood logo is designed by famous designer Mr.Alan Chan. The logo of a man leaping up symbolizes Fairwood as a young, energetic, and innovative brand giving joy to its customers.
Flagship Store Design for the New Generation
With an aim to uplift and renew your culinary experience, Fairwood had especially invited two internationally acclaimed designers, Mr. Steve Leung Chi Tin and Mr. Yasumichi Morita, to spearhead the store design. Matching seamlessly with the Fairwood logo, orange has been adopted as the key color tone. In addition, the lighting would be tuned to maintain a happy, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers visiting any time of the day.
A Discerning Demand Of the Palette
Fairwood has the know-how and experience to delight customers by presenting them with a variety of unconventional and trendy food, meeting your discerning demands of the palette.