The first Fairwood fast food restaurant was established in December 1972 in Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan. The second restaurant was opened five years later in 1977 in Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po.

In 1981 a major restructuring exercise was undertaken to pave the way for the rapid expansion ahead. Fairwood Fast Food Limited was established under which all the fast food activities were placed. At the same time, it decided to establish a central food processing facility to ensure consistence of food quality and to maintain close control of costs.

Fairwood expanded rapidly since then growing from 8 restaurants to a total of 52 in 1991, serving over 100,000 customers daily. This year marked another milestone for Fairwood and in October, Fairwood made an initial public offering of its shares in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Fairwood Fast Food

Principal Activities

Fairwood is principally engaged in operating a chain of fast food restaurants in Hong Kong and the Mainland China under the name of "Fairwood Fast Food".


Fairwood's fast food restaurants serve mainly Chinese food. Its menu is frequently changed with seasonal favorites.

Despite its Chinese predominance, Fairwood's menu is enriched by the adoption of Western dishes that have been carefully redesigned to suit local tastes in order to enhance its attractiveness.

Product Offerings

Fairwood's philosophy has always been to provide a wide range of good quality Chinese and Western cuisine at affordable prices in a bright, clean and modern ambience.

Its menus are designed around four time segments, namely Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner. Products offered in each segment are different and also are priced differently taking into account the eating and spending habits of its customers.

Several of the menu items allow a choice of sauces and side dishes. The menu is reviewed and changed, where deemed necessary, on a weekly basis. Some items rotate twice a week.

In addition, menus are changed seasonally. Typically, dishes that are able to hold their temperature longer, such as hotpot and clay pot rice, are served in winter months in addition to those items that are served all year round. Most seasonal specialties are presented in specially designed utensils to enhance their appeals and thus their perceived value to the customers.

A variety of drinks and soup, such as Red Bean Fizzy, Western Soup and No MSG Soup.

In order to ensure and enhance its competitiveness, Fairwood continuously reviews, updates and improves the products it offers. To this end, Fairwood constantly seeks to introduce new food products to its range in order to increase its variety, keep the interest of its customers and thus build up their loyalty.

Throughout its history, Fairwood has been innovative in both the development and presentation of its fast food products. Fairwood was the first fast food chain in Hong Kong to introduce instantly brewed coffee and the use of olive oil. It was also the first fast food chain to launch a bundle of its products in the form of set-lunch and set dinner to the mass public of Hong Kong.