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About Us

Enjoy Great Food.

Live a Great Life.

The 1970s were a great time to be in Hong Kong. With the economy booming, "fast food" became the newest trend for Hong Kong's busy population.

Fairwood was one of the first to show Hong Kong what great fast food dining could be like. Our founders opened the very first Fairwood store in Tsuen Wan back in 1972.

Fairwood is a brand born and rooted in Hong Kong, but from the start our fast food dining concept took on board the very best of Western dining and management culture.

The result is a restaurant chain that meets the needs of everyone. We offer a range of Chinese and Western styles and flavours, and provide a dining experience that's both local and international. No wonder Fairwood has become an essential part of Hong Kong life!

Getting better all the time

Over the years, we've never stopped improving the quality of our food and service, aiming at providing our customers with the best possible dining experience.

Back in 1981 we set up a central food processing plant and warehouse to guarantee exceptional consistency in our food standards, as well as launching a logistics fleet for more efficient team operations.

In 1999, we established the Quality Service Cleanliness Index (QSCI), and as early as 2006 we introduced an ERP digital resource management system. 

The goal of all these enhancements is captured in our brand mission statement, "Enjoy Great Food" . By that, we mean giving our customers affordable, enjoyable and high quality dining experiences that leave them feeling truly happy, ready to "Live a Great Life". 

Joyful design for relaxed dining

At Fairwood, our "Enjoy Great Food" mission has always included paying attention to the restaurant ambience, the decoration, the whole in-store vibe.

In 2003, we invited renowned designer Alan Chan to design our logo. He came up with the vibrant orange "Jumping Man", our distinctive brand image capturing a sense of irrepressible joy and liveliness.

Next, we commissioned two internationally renowned interior designers, Steve Leung and Yasumichi Morita, to create a new Fairwood store design. The brief was to make sure our customers enjoyed their Fairwood meals in an all-round comfortable and relaxing environment.

Background music is another key to dining pleasure. Realising this, we were the first fast food restaurant to invite professional composers to create tailored background music for our Fairwood branches.

Eat healthy,

eat happy

We know how important it is to eat healthy! At Fairwood, we've driven the trend towards healthy eating in the fast food industry.

That started with our "No MSG" series in 2008, and we've kept expanding our range of healthy dishes ever since. We won the hearts of health-conscious diners in 2018, when we launched our Feel Good healthy eating campaign – which introduced delicious healthy menu options such as Wholesome Delights, Tasty & Green (vegetarian series), low-calorie breakfast sets, and red rice.

Our signature dishes have always been delicious, but we are constantly making them better and better. Our classic Ah Wood Spaghetti Bolognaise has taken the lead, embracing fresh tomato sauce, extra-virgin olive oil, and al dente pasta. Improvements have also been ongoing for our other classic and signature dishes, including Ah Wood Curry, Ah Wood Baked Pork Chop with Rice, and Ah Wood Sweet Corn and Diced Pork with Rice (nicknamed "Show Me Your Love" on social media).

At the same time, we've been innovative in developing new dishes and new tastes, adding new items and seasonal dishes such as Thick-Cut Black Pork Cutlet, Claypot Rice, and other Claypot dishes.

Our latest initiative, in 2020, means customers no longer need to come into our stores to enjoy our great food. Our convenient new "Click and Collect" platform for takeaway sales is further expanding our mission: "Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life"

Working together as a happy,

well-trained team

At Fairwood, we understand that it's impossible to have happy customers without first building a happy service team.

That means developing a team of trustworthy individuals who work together with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

Everyone who joins our team gets the opportunity to take part in on-the-job training, as well as being given continuous education opportunities. Each employee also has the chance to pursue his or her personal career aspirations through our well-defined promotion system. 

We also give our employees experiential training to help them develop empathy and deliver a truly personalised service to our customers.

And we look after our employees too. They have access to a comprehensive array of benefits, including even a children's education fund. The result is a dedicated team and a happy team – and that translates into happy customers too. 

Contributing to our community

With deep roots in the Hong Kong community, and in accordance with our principle of "giving back to the society", Fairwood contributes by donating food and caring for people in need. We believe our activities create a lasting bond, and help bring the community closer together.

In an effort to demonstrate our appreciation for the generation that built Hong Kong into a world-class city, we have established our "Fairwood Care for Community Programme", allowing staff to support the elderly in our community. Our restaurants are encouraged to participate in the campaign by offering healthy delicacies like "Ah Wood Sweet Corn and Diced Pork with Rice". This is how Fairwood shows its love and support for the treasured elderly community.

Fairwood Care for Community Programme
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Creating value for individuals and communities

At Fairwood, people always come first. That means our customers, and every one of our staff. More generally, it takes in the people of the community and the neighbourhoods we are part of. We believe our job is to create value for every one of these groups. For our customers we do that by delivering great food, constantly innovating in our menu, and making our in-store and takeaway services as friendly and convenient as possible. For our staff, it means being a great place to work, ensuring their working environment is safe, and offering them a satisfying career path. And for the wider community, we add value through regular community action, staff voluntary initiatives, and special offers for those who most need our help. Our vision for creating value is summed up in our company mission for all: "Enjoy Great Food. Live a Great Life".

An equal opportunity employer

We value commitment, talent and empathy in our staff, and realise that no one group has a monopoly on these qualities. Our community recruitment programme has been specially designed to support equal-opportunity employment in Hong Kong, and we have used it to find some of our best employees from under-represented groups, such as ethnic minorities and homemaker women who have never been in the workforce. To ensure these special groups of talented employees integrate successfully into our unique working environment and maintain a good work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours and tailored on-the-job training, while ethnic minority candidates have the support of a specially-appointed ethnic minority ambassador.

Making Fairwood barrier-free

Fairwood has always believed that great food should be available for everybody – including anyone with a disability or mobility issue. Driven by this belief, we were the first Hong Kong fast food chain to provide customers with a "barrier-free" environment, designed to remove or minimise every obstacle that can make life difficult for elderly and disabled customers. Fully two thirds of our stores have been modified to enhance access for all, for instance by adding moveable seats and ramps and widening passageways. Going beyond this, our staff will also help those with limited mobility to order and collect their meals – one of the services that has established Fairwood's reputation as a restaurant with heart.